ProMade 2.0 FAQs: Everything You Need To Know

What is the ProMade 2.0?

As its name suggests, the ProMade 2.0 is the next generation of ProMade lash fans. These groundbreaking lashes were created with the knowledge that traditional ProMades don’t work for everybody, and neither does making fans by hand. 

We wanted to spur the evolution of the lashing industry by developing a product that has never been seen before (and won’t be available anywhere else, thanks to our patent-pending technology). To make a long story short — you can now wrap a ProMade just like a handmade fan and experience that same superb attachment and retention.

What exactly is so revolutionary about the ProMade 2.0?

The magic of the ProMade 2.0 lies in our patent-pending Wrapping Technology. The limitation of a traditional ProMade is that it cannot be wrapped around the natural lash; handmade fans do have fantastic retention but can be frustrating and time-consuming to make. The ProMade 2.0 gets around these issues with an original design. 

Our Wrapping Technology places the adhesive further up the stem of the fan than normal, about 2-3 mm. This leaves the base free, allowing you to dip it into adhesive and, with a gentle push, wrap the fan around the natural lash. The ability to wrap the fan around the lash means you’ll get incredible retention with ease (and even just learning to wrap fans becomes simpler).

Will lashing be easier with the ProMade 2.0?

If you’re done making your own fans, or just can’t anymore, then you’ll likely find your lashing process become simpler with the 2.0 ProMade lashes. However, if you love traditional ProMades and already get amazing retention, then you might not feel the urge to switch up your routine (although we still recommend trying them out at least once — we’re super excited about them).

What are the 2.0 ProMade fans made of?

Just like all of our other lashes, the ProMade 2.0 is made from high quality Korean PBT. They are also vegan and cruelty-free!

What sizes are the 2.0 ProMade lashes available in?

As of right now, the ProMade 2.0 is available in 6D, with mixed and single lengths in C, CC, and D curls. We will be releasing both 8D and 10D as well, so stay tuned for future updates!

What are people saying about the ProMade 2.0?

We already have some reviews in, and we’re so proud of the feedback we’ve received so far. Here are just a few testimonials from ProMade 2.0 users!

“These are genius! And are very high quality. I am so excited for PLA!” - Tonya

“You changed the game with these. Those things are going to be flying off the shelves.” - Alex

“Easy to apply! They grab onto the lash so easily!” - Arianna

“I’ve already asked my model and she hasn’t lost 1 yet. Also she is a severe sweater especially around the face and lash area so she was the perfect person.” - Twanna

ProMade 2.0: The Newest In Lash Patented Technology 

If you couldn’t already tell, we’re thrilled to be launching the ProMade 2.0. We truly believe it is the next step in lash evolution and will usher in a new method of lashing. We’re so excited for you to try them out for yourself. And when you do, please let us know what you think — we’d love to know!

Happy lashing, everyone!