How To Remove Lash Extensions (And How Not To)

Lash extension removal is a huge part of the extension process, and it’s important to get it done right. While extensions are not inherently harmful to your natural lashes, taking them off improperly can cause damage. We get it — maybe you don’t love the finished look or the extensions are getting uncomfortable. But as appealing as it might be to rip them off yourself, a professional lash removal is definitely the way to go.

Let’s get into why we recommend professional lash removals and how not to take off your lashes at home!

Why is it important to remove lashes professionally?

The lash extension process shouldn’t cause any damage to your natural lashes. If your artist is isolating, dipping, and applying the lashes properly, you can rest assured that your lashes will be safe and healthy. 
This also applies to the removal process. A professional removal will gently and safely dissolve the adhesive, so that the lashes just slip off.

On the other hand, if you try to take off extensions by pulling, tugging, or picking, you will more than likely just rip out your actual lash — ouch! Not only is this painful, but you risk damaging the follicle. If you do this repeatedly, the follicle can scar over and not grow anymore. This is called traction alopecia, and it is unfortunately not reversible. Once the follicle has been damaged that badly, you end up losing that lash.

How To Remove Lashes Properly

We will always recommend visiting your lash artist to have them professionally remove your extensions. They will be able to use a lash remover that breaks down the adhesive and allows the lashes to be easily peeled off. This is a super simple process that your lash artist can get done quickly — and you’ll walk away with healthy, undamaged lashes!

We love our new Cream Adhesive Remover for this exact reason! We specially formulated this remover to quickly and safely dissolve the adhesive bonds holding the extensions to the lashes without causing any damage. This is intended only for professional use; please do not attempt to take off your own extensions, even with a cream lash glue remover!

Lash Extension Remover No-Nos 

We see a lot of recommendations for at-home lash removal — and unfortunately, we cannot endorse any of them. Let’s take a quick look through some of the most common suggestions for how to remove lash extensions at home and why they don’t hold up.


While oils and oily products can technically weaken adhesive, using an oil to fully remove your lashes is a tedious and potentially dangerous process. It can take days for oil to break down adhesive, and the risk of getting oil in your eyes is pretty big. Most oils are not meant to be used in or around the eyes, so there’s no way to guarantee that it’s safe.


Honestly, this probably just won’t do anything (aside from feeling nice). While steam can affect lashes in the first 24 hours, once they are fully cured and firmly attached, there won’t be much of a result. So steam away — but don’t expect your lashes to slip off!

Pulling and Picking

We know that outgrown lashes can be uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful. However, tugging on them will only make the problem worse. Chances are you’ll just pull out your natural lashes, which is even more painful and can lead to permanent damage (as explained above). If you’re experiencing any discomfort, itchiness, or pain that is causing you to touch or rub your lashes, always contact your lash artist and book a removal as soon as you can.

How To Remove Lash Glue: The PLA Way

So overall, a professional removal is always your best bet. It might seem tempting to get in there and pull the extensions out, but it’s just not worth the risk. Removals are quick and fairly inexpensive, so head on over to your lash artist to get those extensions taken off — your natural lashes will thank you!

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