Can You Get Lash Extensions While Pregnant?

Pregnancy is definitely an exciting, emotional time for expecting parents. Unfortunately, it can also be tiring, making self-care even more important than it usually is. Eyelash extensions can be an important part of a client’s self-care routine, and they might be scared that they’ll have to give them up when pregnant. But good news — they might not have to! Keep reading to learn about how to safely apply extensions to a pregnant client, the precautions you’ll need to take, and when to turn away a pregnant client.  

First, remind your pregnant clients to always consult with their doctor first if they have any concerns about getting extensions! They might have preexisting conditions that you aren’t aware of, and since lash artists are not medical professionals, you can’t give out medical advice.

Can I Get Lash Extensions While Pregnant?

No New Pregnant Clients

Unfortunately, if you are meeting with a brand-new client who happens to be pregnant, it’s usually a good idea to turn them away for now. Since you have never worked on them before, you won’t know their specific reactions to extensions, adhesives, or cleansers. 

Existing clients who become pregnant are easier to work with, as you are already aware of any reactions or difficulties they may have.  

At the very least, inform them about these hesitations and encourage them to ask their doctor first. If they still wish to go ahead, make sure you perform a patch test first! 

Patch Testing

Patch tests are a must for newly pregnant clients! Although it is rare to develop a sensitivity or allergy just from a pregnancy, it’s a simple way to put your and your client’s mind at ease before the extension service. Adhesive allergies aren’t common, but you should take all available precautions, especially with newly pregnant clients. 

As a lash artist, you’re probably already familiar with patch testing. But if you aren’t, here’s a quick reminder. All you need to do is place a few extensions, preferably on the outer corner, with the adhesive you plan to use on your client. During the next couple of days, the client will be able to notice if any type of reaction occurs. If nothing happens, you can proceed with the service! On the other hand, in the rare case that they have a reaction, you will either have to try a sensitive adhesive or inform the client that they are no longer a good candidate for extensions.

Work In A Well-Ventilated Area

Lash extensions involve many different products with strong scents that can easily overwhelm the average client, let alone a pregnant one! Be sure that your workspace is set up in a way that allows for these smells to dissipate quickly.

If you have ceiling fans, make sure they are on during a service. These will help circulate the air even if you have an air conditioner running. Open windows can help, but check in with your client first to see if they have any pollen allergies that could be made worse by the outside air. You can also use an air purifier that will cleanse the air of dust, pollen, and strong smells.

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Lash Extensions While Pregnant: Tips For Lashing Mothers-To-Be 

Practice Proper Positioning

For a typical client, the extension service itself is generally relaxing and comfortable since they are laying on their back for a few hours. However, once a pregnant woman reaches about 20 weeks, they should not be laying flat on their back for that long.

You can experiment with different positions that work better for a pregnant client. You might have them try to lay on their side but keep their face pointing up. You can also offer them pillows for their back or legs to keep them even more comfortable. 

Take Breaks

Even non pregnant clients need to take breaks during an extension service, so you shouldn’t expect a pregnant client to be able to lay through an entire set! Make sure you are offering breaks to your client and inform them that they should feel comfortable requesting one. 

Hormonal Changes During Pregnancy

There are tons of different hormonal changes that occur during a pregnancy! Some pregnant women experience hair loss, others say their hair grew faster and healthier. Either way, it’s normal for a pregnant client to feel like they aren’t coming in for fills as regularly as the average client, or are coming in much more often.

Can Pregnant Women Get Lash Extensions: Yes… Just, Call Your Doc First 

Overall, expecting mothers don’t necessarily have to give up their lash extensions to keep themselves and their child healthy. Be sure that you talk with newly pregnant clients about their sensitivities and leave the final decision up to them and their doctor. And remember, as your premier supplier for wholesale eyelash products, we are always here to answer any questions you come across in your lashing journey! 

Happy lashing!

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