All About Specialty Lashes (And How To Use Them)

There’s so much more to lashing than just traditional volume and classic lash extensions. Once you get the hang of the basics, you can branch out into the world of specialty lash extensions. This includes a wide variety, like W lashes, narrow fan lash extensions, and LD or LC curl lash extensions

Specialty lashes are great for adding extra texture and volume to your lash sets or customizing unique looks for each client. The following list is just an overview of some of our specialty lashes; make sure to check out our entire collection on the PLApro website. 

Keep reading for more information on our specialty lashes and how to use each one!

YY Lashes

As the name implies, YY lash extensions have a split tip at each end, resembling a Y shape. They are applied like classic extensions, with one extension on each lash. You might also see YY lashes referred to as 2D fans. 

A step above classic lashes, YY lashes will add a beautiful voluminous effect to your lash sets without the heaviness of traditional fans. 

W Lashes

For even more texture than what YY lashes would give, try out a W lash! These resemble a W shape or 3D fan, as they have 3-pronged tips. They are amazing for covering small gaps in the lash line or adding extra texture to lash sets. W lash extensions are also applied like classic lashes in a 1:1 ratio.

Clover Lashes

Clover lashes are super fluffy 4D fans that allow you to create light volume or hybrid sets. 

With a straight and flat base, clover lashes are a great option if you are looking to add volume without the extra weight. Be sure to use them like classic lash extensions, with just one on each natural lash.

Fairy Lashes

For trendy, spiky lash sets, fairy lashes are a must! Fairy lash extensions are basically 2D fans with a spike right down the middle. You can use these lashes to easily recreate wet or spiky looks! They are applied like classic extensions, with just one extension on each lash.

Wet Set Lashes

The wet lashes look is so trendy right now — our Wet Set ProMade Fans will help you stay on top of this hot look! Wet lash extensions are similar to spikes, but have no adhesive at the base. This allows them to wrap around each natural lash so you’ll have even better retention.

LD/LC Curl Lash Extensions

While traditional lashes have a smooth, round curve from the base to the tip, LC lash extensions and LD curl lashes have a straight base that transitions into a curl. They are great for anyone with downturned eyes or straight lashes and can be used in a wide variety of lash sets.

Flat Lashes

If you’re after amazing retention for your classic lash sets, flat lashes are the way to go. As you can probably guess, flat lash extensions are just that — flat! Traditional extensions have a round base, while flat lashes have a flat base with a slight curve that hugs the natural lash. This allows for extremely long-lasting retention!

Camellia Lashes

Our beautiful Camellia lash extensions are each mixed with 3 different lengths on one fan and on a lash strip, allowing you to create multidimensional volume lash sets. They can look slightly more natural than traditional volume lash extensions, as the varied lengths mimic natural lashes. We have a wide range of Camellia lashes, ranging from 5D to 10D!

Narrow Fan Lash Extensions 

Narrow lash fans, like all PLA fans, are perfect for a volume lash set. What sets these fans apart is their narrow width, allowing you to create super dark and dense sets. They are amazing for both volume and mega volume sets. 

Find The Best Lash Vendors For Your Business With PLA

Here at PLA, we strive to offer high-quality lash products to suit your every need! With our specialty lashes, you’ll be able to create gorgeous lash sets that work for all of your clients. No matter if you use YY lashes or stick to flat classic lashes, we’ve got you covered. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out for more help or information about these products! Happy lashing, everyone!

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