Lash Organization 101

Getting a lash shipment in the mail is like Christmas morning! It is so exciting to sift through your lash extension supplies, so you might be thinking, “Where do I store all of my supplies?” or better yet, “How!?”

Don’t worry, Lash Queen, we got you!

Check out our tips below for lash organization!

Organizing Your Lash Cart

Setting up your lash cart is one of those ‘oddly satisfying’ moments, right? It is pleasing to organize all your professional eyelash extension supplies and feel prepared for your appointments. Here are a few PLA tips on organizing your lash cart:

  1. Store liquid items on the bottom shelf. Most lash carts have three tiers, and the last thing we want is an accidental spill or leak and it drips down from the top tier. 
    1. Store items such as barbicide, cavi wipes, acetone-based products, lash cleanser, rinsing bottles, and more of that nature on the bottom shelf.
  1. The second tier/shelf is a great place to store lash trays you access most. We also recommend storing other items you use on a daily basis for quick access on this tier. PLA’s Marble Lash Organizer is a great way to organize items; it has various size slots and sections!
    1. Extra spoolies
    2. Tweezer case
    3. Microfiber Brushes and Lip Wands
    4. Handheld Fan
    5. Under Eye Pads
    6. Disposable bibs [that go under the head of each client]
  1. The top shelf is great to lay out your supplies per appointment. You can lay out a clean towel or disposable bib and place the following on top:
    1. Lash tile/tray for appointment
    2. Adhesive, Tweezers
    3. Nano Mister or Bonder
    4. Spoolie, Primer, Jade Stone/Glue Ring
    5. Microfiber Brushes, Handheld Fan
  2. Bonus: Click here to watch a short TikTok video we made on how to organize your lash cart.

Storing Tweezers

As lash techs, we know our worst nightmare is dropping our precious tweezers! We need to be sure they are stored properly and safely.

  1. Storing your tweezers in our XL Tweezer Storage Case is a great choice. Our leather case holds up to 24 pairs of your favorite tweezers.
  2. You can also store your tweezers in a magnetic case! The magnetism helps give you peace of mind, knowing your tweezers will never fall out.
  3. You can also store them vertically in a PLA tweezer holder stand.

Tweezer Case

Storing Lash Boxes and Trays

Raise your hand if you hoard lashes! (Yes, ours is up, too!) 

  1. If you work off a lash cart, the second shelf is a great place to stack and organize your various lash trays.
  2. It’s also great to organize them by length, curl, diameter, or all of the above when creating your organization system.
  3. Store them where you can easily see the label that tells you length, curl, and diameter.
  4. Craft stores, and even the dollar store, have a lot of variety when it comes to cute boxes and trays to stack, or line up, your lash trays in! Be creative and practical with what works for you!

Storing Lash Tiles

Lash tiles are wonderful for lashing! All of your lash strips are neatly lined up and you can access all the lengths you need from one cohesive place. We need to store them correctly so that debris/dust does not accumulate on the lashes. Here are our tips!

  • Most lash tiles are 3 x 6 in size. Photo boxes are 4 x 6 making them the perfect container to store your tile in! Click here to watch a short TikTok video we made on how to store them! The photo box has a snap closure to secure your tile inside, and they often come in a larger storage container where you can organize your cases altogether. These can be found at a local craft store, such as Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.

Storing Adhesive

Based on if your adhesive is unopened and new, or has been opened and used, there are different ways to store your adhesive safely.

  1. Unopened adhesive should be stored in a room temperature setting or cosmetic fridge. We recommend keeping it stored in the sealed wrapping it came in until ready for use.
    #PLAQuickTip: If stored in the fridge, remove it a couple of hours before your first set and allow it to get to room temperature before use.
  2. Opened adhesive is great to store in an air-tight container.
    #PLAQuickTip: These containers are vacuumed-sealed and help create a controlled environment for your adhesive. Keep opened adhesive in a room temperature setting and away from UV lights.

PLA Adhesive Holder

At the end of the day, it is important that no matter what, your lash space works for YOU. We hope these tips help provide some helpful guidance to get you on your way to organizing your lash extensions supply!

Happy Lashing, Kings, and Queens!