5 Instagram Tips to Grow Your Lash Business

Social media is a very powerful tool in the beauty industry. And for clients, hopping on Instagram to find a lash artist is completely normal. It’s hard to book with someone without seeing their work or who they are! Today we are focusing on the power of Instagram and how to use your Instagram page to grow your business and fill up your calendar with clients!

Here are 5 Instagram tips to grow your lash business.

1. Post Daily

How often are you posting on your Instagram account? Social platforms, like Instagram, are FREE portfolios for you! Most clients want to see photos first of a lash tech’s work and not posting on a social platform could be harming your potential business and clientele!

You should be posting every single day on Instagram. It is very difficult to choose a lash artist without seeing their work, so every artist out there should be taking advantage of this platform to reach potential clients. Instagram has over 1 billion active users, and while that is a global number, it truly shows the reach social media has. Posting every day keeps your page relevant and allows people to see your ability and skill. 

Instagram Post Ideas

  • Post photos of your lash sets
  • Post different angles of a set in a collage
  • Post different styles you offer (Classic vs. Volume vs. Hybrid, etc.)
  • Post videos of clients blinking and showing off their lashes! 
  • Post a video review of a client saying how much they love their lashes and enjoyed their experience!
  • Post your policies, pricing, or other specific info about your business
  • Post YOU! Clients love to come to someone they feel connected to and comfortable with
  • Giveaways or promo deals!

#PLAQuickTip: Don’t forget to post daily on your Instagram Stories. Stories last for 24 hours, and you should never have them empty!

Content is content and you can never have too much of it! So get to posting! 

2. Instagram Reels and IGTV

Do you make video content in addition to lash photos? Instagram recently announced that they are focusing on video content even more in 2021, and the way they promote Instagram Reels on the app is going to change. Putting an even stronger emphasis on Reels than In-Feed posts.

Instagram is a great place to start recording and posting videos! Instagram praises the accounts that use their app and tools, and they highly recommend posting four Reels a week and one to two IGTVs per week! This may sound like a lot, but you can truly tackle this in one day. Record what’s called “bulk content” and then upload throughout the week! Tip 5 covers bulk content so keep reading!


  • Take a short five-second video clip panning across the client before completing their lash set. Finish the video by taking another 5-10 second video clip of the completed set.
  • Instagram has a ton of fun sounds and transition effects where you can take before and after videos, or record a short clip of a completed full set with a trending song! 
  • Record a time-lapse video of you setting up for a day of lashing! Other lash artists and clients love to see behind-the-scenes footage!

3. Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio should very clearly state: what your brand is, what you do, and your location. We always tell lash artists it’s so important to make it easy for potential clients to know where you are and how to book with you because if it’s complicated, they will move on.

Too often we see a beautiful lash page full of gorgeous photos and incredible work, but their location is nowhere to be found! This can be a deterrent to clients attempting to book because they are unsure if you are local. Our Instagram Explore Page often mixes up local businesses based on our geolocation searches as well as global content the app is pushing out to larger audiences. If a client searches “lash extensions”, Instagram may pull up search results that are local but they may also have industry-wide related photos. Be sure your location is in your bio!

Lastly, Facebook and Instagram help reveal your page to others by keywords. Including phrases like “Lash Extensions in Reno” in your bio can help you be found by more clients who are searching that keyword phrase specifically!

Instagram Bio

4.  Schedule Your Posts 

Are you running out of time to schedule your posts? There is a popular phrase that says, “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.” Now whether you choose to tackle this on a Sunday afternoon, or one evening a week, dedicating a little bit of time to prep your social media posts can be extremely helpful to your lash business!

Scheduling Apps to Use

  • Later.com
  • Facebook Creator Studio  
  • Planoly
  • Buffer
  • These are just a few, but these are very popular apps to use for scheduling your social posts. Most are free but do offer paid upgraded versions. In addition to scheduling an Instagram grid post, some of these apps allow you to schedule your Instagram stories and IGTV as well! 

    5. Record Bulk Content 

    Do you create bulk content? This is a really great strategy to be sure you are never short on content for Instagram. Bulk content simply means taking a ton of photos and videos from each session that you can re-purpose on different social platforms.

    For example one day you can make a grid post of a beautiful set you did, and then later that week (from the same lash session) post a Boomerang on your Story of that client blinking and batting their beautiful new lash set! Some video clips could be turned into Reels as well! 

    Bulk content is also great because you can use short video clips to create Instagram Reels, you can make a collage from that client’s session that includes different angles of the lash set you completed, etc. We consistently recycle content from sets on our own Instagram so we do not have to carve out time to do models each week!

    #PLAQuickTip: We highly encourage all lash artists to take tons of photos and videos of each set, and not rely on taking one or two pictures of each set. Sometimes we may not realize the photo has a shadow on it or the lighting isn’t so great. Also, a client might blink or move and the photo could be blurry and not usable. Having a ton of photos in your arsenal is key! 

    So take lots of photos from different angles and videos of the exceptional sets you complete and use those to promote yourself!

    We hope these tips help you grow your business via Instagram! Happy Lashing!