Does Winter Affect Lash Extensions?

Winter has settled in now, and we’re definitely feeling it here at PLA HQ. It’s cold, dry, and snowy, all of which can definitely affect lash extensions. 

Whether you’re a lash artist trying to keep your retention amazing during the winter months or a client who is experiencing lots of fallout this season, keep reading! We’re going to get into our top tips for caring for lash extensions in the winter. 

Why Is Lash Extension Aftercare Important?

Before getting into how winter affects your lashes, let’s take a moment to understand why lash aftercare is crucial in the first place. 

Getting lashes is a somewhat time-consuming and often pricey process — why wouldn’t you want to ensure the health of the natural lashes and increase your extension's retention? Proper aftercare doesn’t have to be hard, either. Here are our top lash extensions aftercare tips that will help keep natural lashes safe year round!

  • Avoid rubbing, tugging, or picking at the eyes
  • No saunas, steam rooms, excessive sweating, or facials for 8 hours after the extension service
  • Clean lashes with a specific lash & brow cleanser at least once a day
  • No mascara or waterproof eyeliner
  • No oil-based products near the eyes
  • Keep face away from steam and hot ovens

P.S. Lash artists — we recommend using lash aftercare cards that have all of these tips (and anything else you can think of) ready to go! Then you can hand them out to your clients to help them keep their lashes as healthy as can be.

Winter Lash Care Tips

Combat Decreased Temperature and Humidity Levels

In general, humidity levels drop as the temperature decreases; therefore, winter is usually the dryer part of the year. While you can’t control the humidity and temperature outside, you can try to keep your workspace at a consistent temperature and humidity. 

Why is it important to pay attention to these measurements? Cold temperatures and low humidity cause adhesive to cure more slowly. With slower curing times comes a higher chance for a reaction to adhesive vapors, sticking lashes, and shorter retention. No one wants any of that — so what can you do to combat this?

First, check your hygrometer to measure the temperature and humidity of your lashing room. You can use a humidifier if your humidity is super low to add a bit more moisture to the area (we recommend using a humidifier if your humidity is below 30%).

Then if necessary, adjust your adhesive and pick the one that works best for your specific needs. We have a range of adhesives that work well in different temperatures and humidities — check them out if you’re looking for a new favorite!

Avoid Extreme Heat

When it’s cold outside, chances are that you’ll naturally gravitate towards cozy, warm indoor activities! While you don’t need to avoid heat at all costs, it’s important to pay attention to how close you are to a direct heat source. Extensions are made of a high quality plastic material, so they can definitely be affected by strong, direct heat. 

For example, maybe you’re reading a book near the fireplace — make sure to keep your face and eyes far enough away from the fire that the heat doesn’t begin to warp the extensions. The same goes for hot ovens and even hot air from a hair dryer. 

Keep Lashes Hydrated and Nourished

Cold, dry air can cause the lashes to become brittle and dehydrated. So it’s extra important to use a lash serum or other conditioning product to combat the dry air. We love our Velocity Lash & Brow Serum to keep the natural lashes nourished and to promote growth, even with extensions on! Plus, we also offer a wholesale option for our lash serum so lash artists can stock up and offer it as an additional service during a lash appointment!

Protect Lashes From Rain and Snow

For a more practical approach, keeping the lashes away from cold and wet weather does a lot in the long run! If you’re going to be out and about during a rainy day, make sure you’re using an umbrella or some form of protection against the harsh climate. 

Lash Lift Aftercare Tips

The tips mentioned above can also be used for protecting lashes after a lash lift service. Lashes can become a little dry and brittle after a lash lift, so make sure you or your client are using a hydrating serum or castor oil daily and are keeping the lashes away from direct heat or harsh weather conditions. Feel free to check out our blog all about lash lift aftercare instructions!

PLA: Helping You Combat Lash Shedding In Winter

Winter can be a hard time of the year for a lot of people — don’t make it hard on your lashes! For lash clients, we hope you implement a few of these tips to keep your lashes healthy during this cold, dry season. And for our lash techs, make sure to remind your clients about how they can easily maintain their extensions for as long as possible. 

Happy lashing, everyone!