Can You Wear Makeup With Lash Extensions?

One of the main perks of having eyelash extensions is that they can replace a time-consuming, repetitive step in your morning routine - putting on eye makeup. You won’t need mascara, eyeliner, or even eye shadow anymore! However, sometimes you really just want a little bit more drama or glam, so you find yourself reaching for your tube of mascara again. Before you do, there are a few things you need to know about mixing makeup and extensions. Keep reading to find out if you should really continue to wear makeup, what kind of makeup is safe for extensions, and how to make sure you get it all off at the end of the day.

So, Can You Wear Eye Makeup With Lash Extensions?

To make a long story short, you can if you really want to. Lash extensions already give you a beautiful, dark lash line and fuller lashes, but maybe you just want a little more. So yes, you can wear makeup on top of your extensions, but you also may experience some other negative effects. Here are some tips for how to use makeup while still having the best retention possible.

Avoid Excess Oils

Oil and oil-based products will end up weakening the adhesive bonds used to adhere the extensions to the lashes. Many makeup and skincare products are oil-based, so be sure to read the ingredients of anything you use and pass on the oily ones. 

Be Gentle

You should always be gentle to your eye area, as your eyes and the skin around them are sensitive and delicate. This is even more important when you have extensions, as pulling on your lashes can weaken the adhesive bonds and cause them to fall out. So no matter what products you end up using on your eyes, be sure to use them carefully and gently.

Pass On Waterproof Makeup

This ties in with avoiding oil-based products, as waterproof products can only be removed with oil. So if you use waterproof eyeshadow or eyeliner, you will end up having to use oil-based remover to take it off, which will then weaken the bonds. 

Daily Grooming And Brushing

You should be combing through your lashes everyday with a spoolie! Lashes have a tendency to cross over each other and this can make them look messy or sparse. Brushing through them (gently!) once a day will maintain their fullness and volume.

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Makeup With Lash Extensions: What Kinds Can You Use? 

Keeping the previously mentioned tips in mind, if you want to wear makeup with extensions you should reach for something oil-free and not waterproof. 


We will be transparent when we say we highly recommend you DO NOT ever wear mascara when you have lash extensions on. Especially if your set contains fans, you really should avoid mascara completely, as it can close up the fans. It is extremely difficult to fully remove traces of mascara from lash extensions, so you really should not risk getting your lashes ruined by wearing mascara. If you are looking to use mascara to make your lashes darker or have more volume, it is probably a good time to talk about changing your lash style with your lash artist.


Lash extensions will give you a nice, dark lash line, so eyeliner is most likely not going to be necessary. If you still really want to wear eyeliner, you should opt for a water-based eyeliner. Other types of eyeliner, like pencil or gel, are much more difficult to remove and can lead to unnecessary tugging on the lash extensions. 


If you want to wear eyeshadow with your extensions, the best type to go with is a matte formula. This will be easier to remove than a cream-based or glitter eyeshadow. The most important thing to remember is to remove any fallout from the eyeshadow, as trapping eyeshadow in the extensions can cause an infection. 

How To Remove Eye Makeup With Lash Extensions 

Why is cleaning your extensions regularly important? Well, the gap between the extensions and your lash line can easily trap dirt, oils, and makeup throughout the day. If not properly cleaned, this can lead to infections due to bacterial growth. Incorporating a regular, thorough lash cleaning routine will help you keep your extensions looking and feeling beautiful and healthy. In the graphic below, you can see how different product can affect lash fans. A daily lash bath can help keep your lash fans fluffy and clean!

Eye Makeup Remover With Lash Extensions: What Ones Work The Best?

If you use makeup, you should clean it off first with an oil-free makeup remover. Micellar water is a great example of an oil, alcohol, and fragrance-free option. 

After the makeup remover, using an appropriate cleanser like the PLA Sterile Cleanser is a great way to remove the leftover oils and debris. You can use a small applicator to apply the cleanser and lather it right down to the eyelid. Then rinse with water and pat the lashes dry.

You’ll want to finish up by brushing through your lashes with a spoolie or mascara wand to avoid any tangling or crossing. 

Eyelash extensions should be enough to give you the dramatic look you want, but if not, now you know the safest ways to use makeup as well. Just make sure to keep those lashes clean and healthy! And remember, as your one-stop-shop eyelash supply store, we are always here to help you with any lash questions you might have! 

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