A Guide To Maintaining Cleanliness At Your Waxing Station

Waxing can get messy — that’s a fact. And not just the wax itself, but all of the supplies and tools necessary for a complete waxing service as well! How do you maintain order in such a chaotic environment?

Fortunately, as long as you’re prepping properly and cleaning up after every wax service, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Let’s get into why keeping your wax station clean is a must and exactly how we recommend doing so!

Understanding The Importance Of Cleanliness At Your Wax Station

No one wants a messy wax station! But the importance of cleanliness goes further than just aesthetics — it can impact your hygiene as well and play a huge role in how successful your business is. Adhering to stringent cleanliness standards is essential in keeping both you and your client healthy and happy. 

Furthermore, failing to meet these standards can pose legal and financial risks if something goes wrong! A spotless environment instills confidence in your clients and enhances the credibility of your business, leading to more referrals and loyal customers.

Our Top Tips For Keeping Your Wax Station Clean

Luckily, maintaining a neat and clean environment doesn’t have to be hard! With just a little prep and aftercare, your wax station will be sparkling clean and stay that way.

Maintain Neatness For A Professional Appearance

Even before getting into the hygiene aspect of cleanliness, the way a room looks says a lot about the wax tech. Are there tweezers, waxing sticks, and used gloves everywhere? Is there dried up, crusty wax still on the bed? Clients will definitely notice these things, so it’s important to take a few minutes to straighten up and throw away used products. 

To help you stay organized and keep your waxing surface clean, check out our Reusable Wax Mat! These machine-washable mats can be reused between clients (after disinfection) and are a simple way to keep all of your tools in one spot. 

We’ll get more into cleaning up wax below!

Stay Safe During The Appointment

We understand that going through lots of single-use items like gloves, strips, and other applicators can be a little costly, but it’s definitely preferable to what can result if you reuse these products. 

Reusing disposable items can increase the risk of transmitting germs, bacteria, and infections. This includes double dipping a waxing stick back into the wax! So for everyone’s sake — throw away your used items and make sure to stock up on all of your necessary single use waxing tools

Cleaning Wax Warmer After Appointments

You’ve done your job and left your client smooth, hairless, and satisfied. But what do you do with all the leftover wax all around your work space?

Cleaning a wax warmer or wax pot is easy! If you’ve got residue in your wax pot, using a wax cleaner like PLApro’s Wax Pot Cleaner is your best bet. Our wax cleaning kit can also be used on other hard surfaces like beds and wax mats. Please note that this is not to be used on the skin.

Then, make sure all of your disposables are thrown away and any extra supplies are restocked for your next client.

Get All Your Wax Products With PLApro!

As you can see, there’s nothing too hard about maintaining a neat and clean waxing station. With just a few quick additions or adjustments to your waxing routine, you’ll have no issue keeping your work space sanitary and safe for everyone. 

Interested in seeing more of our wax supplies? PLApro’s Nue Wax offers all the tools, products, and accessories you need to conduct professional waxing services. Check it out here!