How To Create Wet Set Lashes

New lash trends pop up all the time, and the wet set is all the rage right now. It’s important for lash artists to stay on top of these trends so they can offer the most popular looks to their clients. 

We’re going to dive right into what exactly a wet set is, how to offer wet set lashes to your clients, and exactly what you’ll need to do so!

What Is The Wet Lashes Look?

Wet Set Lashes by PLA

A wet set look is exactly that — lash extensions that result in a slightly wet-looking finished product. Although that might sound a little odd at first, wet set lashes don’t actually look dripping wet. They give a hydrated, soft appearance that is perfect for clients who usually like a wispy or textured set. 

Wet sets are made using only closed fans or spikes, which are regular fans that are not opened up. They should be completely closed from the base to the tip; even opening just a little at the tip can take away from the wet look. 

What You’ll Need To Create Wet Lash Extensions 

As with all lash sets, you’ll need your regular supplies like tweezers, adhesive, eyepads, and anything else you like to use. Additionally, you’ll need to either have the supplies to make spikes (more on that below), or you can use ProMades.

If you want to make spikes, we recommend using 0.05, 0.06, or 0.07 volume lashes. You will also need primer, brushes, and a boot tweezer like the P10. 

You don’t necessarily need to make your own spikes! Our ProMade Spikes are a great option for those who want a more uniform and quick way to create a wet set. 

Another great way to create beautiful wet look lash extensions is to use closed fans that have been made ahead of time. Our Wet Set ProMades make wet sets easier than ever! While similar to our spikes, these closed fans have no adhesive at the bottom, which helps increase your retention for even longer-laster results.

How to Create Wet Look Lashes 

How To Create Wet Set Lashes by PLA

Let’s break down the wet set process step-by-step. The first two steps are only for those making their own closed fans. If you are using ProMades, just complete step 3!

For a more thorough understanding, check out our Online Wet, Wispy, and Strip Lash Styling Course!

1. Prime

Apply the primer to the lash strip. Use a generous amount, focusing on the middles and tips of the extensions. 

2. Brush

Use a spoolie brush to brush through the strip. The more you brush, the thinner the closed fan will be. So start slow and stop brushing when you see your desired fan. 

3. Pick Up & Dip

Coming from behind the strip, line the tweezers up perpendicularly to the strip. Grab the closed fan from behind to ensure the tips of the lashes stay together.

Then, dip the fan into your adhesive, wiping both sides of the fan through the edge of the glue ring. Dip at least halfway to make sure the fan stays closed — then place on the natural lash!

PLA Wet Set Lash Extensions Tips

  • We recommend sticking to 3D/4D fans in 0.07 or 6D/7D fans in 0.05.
  • Never use lengths more than 2 mm longer than the natural lashes
  • As always, each fan is applied to just one natural lash

Wet set lashes are such a fun, trendy look — and now you should feel comfortable offering them to your clients! Whether you make your own closed fans or try out our ProMades, you’ll be ready to create beautiful wet sets in no time.

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Remember that more information is available in our Wet, Wispy, and Strip Lash Styling Course that can be found here. Happy lashing, everyone!