Spring Nails Inspo From PLA

Spring Nail Ideas For Creative Inspiration This Season

The sun is out, birds are chirping and the itch to go on a road trip is here… which means it’s time for fresh, cute spring nails too! Flower nail designs are always in season this time of year, but even if you’re not sold on floral nail art, we have several collections of gel nail polish that are sure to get you in the mood for better weather!

From daisy nail art to polka dot nail designs, we tried to come up with a list of creations you can use to keep yourself inspired this spring and give your clients the dreamy, pops of color for the blooming world around them.

Flower nail design created with Didn't Hear It From Me - 186.

Springs Nails - Neon Gel Nail Polish from PLA

Flower nails completed with PLA’s What Happens In Vegas Collection

Floral Nails made with Gel Nail Polish from PLA

Daisy nails made with:

Hush Hush - 198 

Red Rock - 79 

Gel Nail Liner: 2 White 

Butterfly nails from Paris Lash Academy

Butterfly nails painted with: 

Gel Nail Liner Glitter Collection - 5 Silver 

Count To Tan - 200 

She’s In Charge - 167

Dandelion nails made with PLA Gel Nail Polish

Dandelion nail art using:

Gel Nail Polish - Jet Black 

Good For The Sole - 12 

Fashionably Light - 207

Polka dot nails created by PLA

Polka dot nails created with PLA’s Gel Nail Colors

Flower nail design created with PLA Gel Nail Polish

Flower nail art made with: 

Okay Bloomer - 08 

Oopsie Daisy - 19 

Presents Or Prada - 133 

Earned Not Given - 166 

Nails Before Males - 184 

Toes In The Sand - 213

Floral nail design created by PLA Beauty Inc.

Flower nail design completed with: 

Red Rock - 79

A Desert Mirage - 81 

Cloud And Clear - 201

Spring nails from Paris Lash Academy

Cute flower nails made with:

Gel Nail Polish - French White 

A Desert Mirage - 81  

Girls! Girls! Girls! - 90

Queen Of Hearts - 105 

Cloud And Clear - 201

Bee nails made with PLA's Gel Nail Polishes

Honey bee nails using: 

Gel Nail Liner Must-Haves Collection - 2 White

Bellagio Nights - 85 

777 - 88

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