3 Must-Haves For Nail Art

Gorgeous nail art doesn’t just fall from the sky! Professional nail techs know that using high-quality tools helps them create eye-catching designs. But what exactly do you need to start offering nail art?

Keep reading for our top three favorite nail tools for designing the most beautiful nail art!

Use A Nail Liner to Create Intricate, Complex Designs

Gel liner nail art - Blue, pink and gold design from PLA Gel liner nail art - fishnet design from PLA

Gel liners are super tiny, fine brushes that allow you to draw out even the most elaborate of nail designs. 

PLA offers 3 unique gel liner collections to help you get started with line nail art. Each collection features 12 of our signature gel liners, ranging from vivid brights to glittery shimmers. 

Don’t forget about our black and white liners! Both of these are great additions to any professional nail tech’s arsenal for stunning patterns and art.

Try A Nail Dotting Tool For Cute Patterns And Designs

As the name implies, the small rounded end of a dotting tool is perfect for creating dots, hearts, circles, and tons of other cute designs! 

Dotting tools come in a wide variety of sizes that open up a whole world of nail art. In addition to dotting, these tools can also be used to pick up gems or other embellishments.

Add Glittery Nail Gems For a Pop of Shine

Gel liner nail art - Gold glitter on black nail

For that extra sparkle, try out some nail gems! These are small embellishments that can be applied over nail polish with glue or clear top coat and add a beautiful shimmer to any manicure.

Here at PLA, we offer a wide variety of gems for nails in all different colors! Ranging from classy black to bright pink, each box contains 24 different shapes and comes with a wax pen and a PLA Gel Overlay Top Coat to help you get started in your nail gem journey.

See a few more examples of what you can do with these suggestions below! 

Gel liner nail art - simple blue design from PLA

Gel liner nail art - rainbow design from PLA

Gel liner nail art - Red and black design from PLA

We are so excited to have branched out into the nail industry and love helping our fellow nail artists wherever they are in their professional journey! 

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