Lash Business Masterclass - November 4 - 6, 2024

Lash Business Masterclass - November 4 - 6, 2024

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Together, Paul and Tuss from LashCast and Michelle Nguyen from PLA are coming together to host a 3-day course to help you level up your lash business.

Class will be held at PLA Headquarters in Reno, Nevada.

Invest in yourself and your career by learning from industry leaders. This class is specifically for those that are looking to level up their lash business. Not only will Michelle, Paul, and Tuss share their experience and knowledge, the course also features lessons and talks from:

  • Caitlin McAninch, VP of Marketing at PLA
  • Jeff Hider, Financial Controller of PLA
  • Corinne Hall, Human Resource Manager of PLA
  • Trevor Howell, CPA, CFE

Lash Business Plan: 

  • How to start a lash business
  • Setting your lash prices
  • How to set salon policies
  • Growing your team 
  • Hiring/firing

Building Brand Recognition

  • Lash business mission statement 
  • Salon customer service
  • Client retention
  • How to make your lash business stand out 
  • How to promote lash business without social media

Financial Freedom and Planning

  • Intro to business taxes
  • Budgeting your expenses
  • How to set up your finances
  • Retirement planning
  • Reinvesting into your business
  • Business license for lash extensions
  • W-2 or 1099?

Marketing and Social Media

  • Setting up social accounts
  • How to streamline your social media
  • Best hashtag for lash business 
  • How to make sure you’re on Google
  • Included: Full Social Media Audit of your Instagram and Facebook accounts 

Lash Content Creation

  • How to take better lash pictures
  • Lash business photoshoot ideas

Next Step in Your Lash Career

  • Becoming a lash educator
  • Is owning a brand right for you?
  • Passive income as a lash artist

Class Includes:

  • Daily Panel - pick the brain of the experts!
  • PLA Swag Bag
  • Professional headshot
  • Lunch daily
  • Official PLA Certification upon graduation

Meet Your Lash Educators

Tussanee and Paul 

For 13 years, Paul and Tussanee ran Integrity Lash, a premier 7-digit lash salon in Southern California. Over the years, Integrity Lash was recognized by Vanity Fair, Los Angeles Magazine, Pasadena Magazine, as well as by others as one of the best of SoCal. For four years, Salon Today chose Integrity Lash as one of the Top 200 salons in North America. For the last five years, Paul and Tussanee host the most listened to lash podcast in the world called LashCast (with almost 2 million downloads), as well as host trainings and webinars tailored for lash artists. The twosome aims to educate and uplift lash professionals to become better lash artists and business owners. Paul and Tussanee founded The LASHCONference in 2019, and over the last four years, over 2200 lash artists have attended the event to learn how to grow and market their businesses. Aside from their trainings and events, they also coach lash artists in their coaching program called LashCast Clubhouse. In their unique coaching platform, they teach lash artists how to build a lash business that they can be proud of. When they aren’t running their own events or training, they also speak at trade shows as well as lash conferences all over the world. One day the two hope to retire in a log cabin in Hawaii and raise penguins.

Michelle Nguyen

Coming to the scene as a self-taught lash artist in 2008, Michelle Nguyen knew how difficult it could be to truly break into the beauty industry. She has continuously studied the art and science of eyelashes and was able to be double-certified through Lash Inc. and NALA. After running her salon for 6 years, Michelle ultimately decided to sell it to focus on Paris Lash Academy — a way to share her vast lashing experience with lash artists all around the world.  She is proud to own multiple lash manufacturers in Vietnam, where she was born and raised on a coffee farm. These manufacturers allow Michelle to give back to her community, providing jobs for over 700 women who would otherwise be working in harsh farming environments. Since launching PLA about 4 years ago in her father’s garage, it has grown exponentially. Education has always been at the forefront of Michelle’s mission, so calling her business an academy is no coincidence. Through PLA, Michelle can teach fellow beauty professionals no matter where they are in their journey and provide private labeling opportunities as well. She loves being able to give back to the industry by being a resource to anyone who needs support or guidance. To stay on top of current beauty trends, Michelle has attended multiple lash and beauty events, including LashCon, and has also been featured on the LashCast podcast. Michelle is a proud mother of two children, loves murder mystery shows, and would love to retire on a farm someday.

All profits from this class will be invested directly back into the lash community! The proceeds fund Paris Pays Your Bills, our program that gives out about $20,000 a month to help lash artists along in their journey. By joining us for this class, you are also supporting your fellow lash artists further their careers!



Due to the limited spots available, this class is non-refundable.