PLA Color Lashes — Rainbow Lash Extensions Tray (front view of the tray)

0.03 Rainbow Lash Palette

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If you’re feeling a little adventurous or want to offer a fun, festive pop of color to your next lash set, these vibrant, multi-colored rainbow lashes are for you!

Unlike our regular lash trays, this lash palette provides an opportunity to try out 8 vivid colored lashes at once. These 0.03 lashes, with lengths from 8mm to 15mm, are just as soft and fluffy as our traditional lashes but also add eye-catching color.

Try out our array of vivid color lashes in this one-of-a-kind lash palette in your next lash set!

Fast Facts:

  • Includes 8 distinct colored lash sections: Blue, Purple, Green, White, Pink, Brown, Red, Light Green
  • Mixed length: 8-15mm
  • CC Curl
  • Diameter: 0.03
  • All PLA lashes are made from Korean PBT
  • 100% vegan