The BOLD Collection: 9D Mix ProMade Fans - 0.03

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All of our PLA Bold ProMade 9D Fans are 100% hand made, made from top quality Korean PBT. With a long stem base, attachment for ProMades has never been easier. The long stem base of each Bold fan allows you to have more room to attach the ProMade to the natural lash, ensuring each fan is flushed to the natural lash, eliminating isolation issues, and improving retention. Bold Fans allow you to pick up a bit more adhesive, and give more room to work on isolation, which will help you have less stickies. We are firm believers that these are the best ProMade lashes you will ever try.

The Bold Collection fans are long stem, narrow fans, allowing you to create a dark dense lash set for every client. 

Our Bold ProMade Mix boxes provide you the opportunity to have 3 different lengths of lashes.

Lash Fan Details:
  • Long Stem Base
  • Narrow Style Fan
  • Strip ProMades, on paperback strip
  • Strip fits on Lash Tile
Fast Facts:
  • Three Lengths Per Box: 8-9-10; 10-11-12; 12-13-14; or 14-15-16
  • Curl: C, CC, D
  • 0.03 Diameter
  • 9 lashes per fan
  • 500 fans per box
  • Minimal adhesive used for best bonding results
  • All PLA Lashes are made from Korean PBT
  • 100% Vegan
To Use:
  • Our fans are designed to be picked up from the base
  • Place on the bottom or to the side of the natural lash for optimal retention
Disclaimer: All PLA ProMade Fans are 100% handmade using the same lashes that are in our volume lash trays, created with our adhesive. Fans have minimum adhesive to ensure small bases.

Visit our YouTube to see videos on how to pick up and place PLA ProMades.