Flat Eyelash Extensions

Stop worrying about your clients being unsatisfied with retention of their lashes, and buy flat lash extensions trays at Paris Lash Academy!

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We are your one-stop shop for all things eyelash extension supplies - and these flat eyelash extensions are no exception. As you’ll see when you shop with us, you get more choices in terms of curl, length, and density.

What Are Flat Lash Extensions?

The fiber of regular lashes are round, but flat lashes are made with a fiber that is made to fit around the natural lash — flat with a hint of curve to hug the natural lash. Flat lashes are known to give the effect of a darker more dramatic look than regular lashes without compromising the weight.

What Is The Difference Between Flat Lashes and Classic?

As we just discussed, the difference between flat lashes and classic is simply the base of the eyelash extension itself. Regular lashes are round, but if you look at flat lashes, they are flatter, while weighing the same or less than regular lashes. This gives the appearance that it is thicker, without compromising the weight. 

Classic lashes are great for some clients, but others will be better suited with these flat lash extensions. We’ll cover this more in depth now.

Are Flat Lashes Better Than Other Extension Styles?

Flat lashes are great for classic lash style, which is applying one extension to one healthy natural lash. 

We highly recommend you using flat lashes for clients with weak natural lashes, so they still get the nice, full look without damaging their natural lashes. 

Benefits Of Flat Eyelash Extensions Trays

The most notable benefit of flat eyelash extensions trays is the increased retention they offer. This means they adhere better to your clients natural lash, lasting longer than other styles. This is made possible through the shape of the base, which as we covered, gives these extensions their name.

Another reason so many lash technicians run through this quicker than the other styles they keep on hand is because it’s really easy to give the fuller, darker look when applied to client’s natural lashes. If your client’s lashes simply cannot support the volume they are hoping for, these are the best approach to adding volume without adding any weight!

They also offer more texture, fluffiness, and definition. Plenty of your customers are going to ask for the Kim K look, where the lashes are nice and wispy - these are how you’ll get it done. Flat lashes are often used as spikes in wispy sets.

One final benefit we want to note is that these are very gentle on the client’s natural lashes. They don’t do any long term damage, despite adding extensive volume.

How To Apply Flat Lash Extensions

If you are hoping to learn how to apply flat lash extensions, it’s simple! You simply use your eyelash extension tweezers to grab the flat lashes, dip them in lash adhesive glue, and apply them to your client’s existing, natural eyelash.

Where To Buy Flat Lash Extensions Trays

If you are looking to buy flat lash extensions trays, start by checking out our wholesale lash extensions program

We are the go-to vendor/supplier for lash techs and estheticians, and when you invest in your business at Paris Lash Academy, you can stretch your budget further without compromising on quality.

Why Buy Flat Lash Extension Trays At Paris Lash Academy?

We provide premium eyelash extension kits and products, and our flat lash extension trays are the best you can buy. They are specially designed to provide a thick, black finish without weighing down the natural lash like round lashes would. PLA carries Flat Lashes in Mixed 0.15 and 0.20 in C, CC, and D Curl. Have a few lengths that you can’t get enough of? We also offer single length Flat Trays.

Our director, Michelle Nguyen, has designed and created our line after spending over 8 years working her magic as a lash artist. Her talent and dedication to a continued education in eyelash science exposed to her how far behind the industry was.

She took what she learned and created Paris Lash Academy, allowing lash techs and estheticians around the world access to the best supplies they could get their hands on, without spending a fortune.